Emma and Gemma met 12 years ago in a school staff room grabbing a quick cuppa before launching into a busy day photographing 500 lively school children, mainly consisting of us putting soft toys on our heads and saying ‘silly sausages’ a lot! It was hard work and gave us some great skills in making children (and adults) smile.

From there we met Bob Mainstone, who had been a very successful wedding photographer for many years. We worked as his assistants at many weddings in the South East and he even let us loose on the cameras (Nikon F5 ,film) to take all the ‘candid’ shots. Bob used a medium format Hasselblad film camera mounted on a tripod and we spent many a wedding changing rolls of 120 film at the back of the church!

The valuable skills we learnt from Bob about getting the right shot first time, putting the Bride and Groom and guests at ease and being prepared in every way meant that we soon had the courage to go it alone.

Now we both have children and have photographed over 80 weddings together. So, when we are not doing the school/swimming/dancing run we are busy photographing weddings, newborn babies, families, schools, nurseries and parties – trying not to get anyones names wrong and loving every minute of it!

Although we both have studied photography at school and college we have found that the experience we have gained over the years, the variety of the photography we have worked in and the way we work so well together has lead to the continued success of E & G Photography.

Your friendly and calm manner put all of our guests at ease and you made it so fun!

- Lisa & David